Professional in Technical calculations and Simulations

With our calculation services you can improve your design and R&D work by virtually testing your product’s functionality in a simulation. We execute both complete calculation projects from modeling to analyzing the results, and parts of a project like improving your calculation model, validation and testing. We can import customer’s CAD models into the simulation environment which makes the work flow fast and flexible.

We offer specialist services in following fields:

Structural Mechanics (FEM) simulations for structures and objects of any size
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations of gases and liquids
Thermal simulations of thermal conduction, U-value and cooling systems
Multiphysics models consisting several physics interfaces. For example, combustion of gases (flow, heat and chemical reactions) and the mechanical stresses in thermal expansion  (thermal and structural analysis) are examples of multiphysics simulation applications


Hopia Engineering – FEM and multiphysics services
Jorma Hopia, M.Sc
puh. +358 40 596 8472