Life cycle of BIM

BIM and all the other information connected to it will be carried out from the purchase phase of the construction to the usage phase of the building and finally until the recycling phase of the target. Besides the design information of the target, there is also other information that needs to be maintained. For designers and product manufacturers we execute the application solutions of the purchase phase BIM coordination.

Synchronization of BIM

The most common form of communication between the BIM models is IFC file. In addition to this there have been created communication files for application based solutions, for more efficient communication between building information models. We develop supplemented IFC- configurations of BIM libraries, with TeklaOpenAPI interface application, which are utilized in other fields of design and in usage of buildings.

Digital BIM-processing

The design material is generally created by 3D-modeling. There are already many functional applications and procedures for the synchronization and processing of BIM. We implement the development and maintenance of application-free environments of building information models. The environment is customised to act as a hosting service, WLAN service or the composition of these depeding on the customer’s needs. As an application-free environment it can be utilized everywhere. Please tell us, how you would like to utilize the processing procedure of your company’s BIMs and to what kind of problems are you seeking a cost-effective solution?

BIM of products

Building information model contains the model of whole building and the building contains elements and parts, and they are considered as products. The information needed for the model of product will be carried out all the way from purchase phase into disassembling and recycling of the building. The information gained from the product during its life cycle will be utilized with different parties, depending on what kind of informations each of them needs. Because of the digital maintenance of BIM, which is based on visual model, the basis for including the information of product in BIM will start from the creation of the geometry. We implement the product libraries of CAD/CAM software by taking into account the IFC-standard classification, which makes the choosing of the product more attractive in the early stages of the design.

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